How to keep you and your pet active in 2022

27th December 2021

So with Christmas Day done and dusted, you might be starting to feel the effects of your over-indulgence of food and wine – but with the New Year in sight there is no better time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. If a more active lifestyle is on your list of goals then read on to discover our... Read more

10 ways to spoil your pet this Christmas

20th December 2021

With reports that pet owners are expected to spend a record £900 million on their four-legged friends this Christmas, it is with no surprise that as a nation of animal lovers we want to spoil our pets rotten. So if pets had opposable thumbs, what exactly would they write on their Christmas list to Santa-paws this year? Here at Petpals... Read more

Microchipping cats to become mandatory by law

14th December 2021

What a great early Christmas present for pet owners to hear the news that microchipping cats is to become compulsory by law, helping to protect millions of cats across the country. The new rules follow a Government call for evidence and consultation which saw 99% of respondents support the plans for compulsory microchipping in cats. Animal Welfare Minister, Lord Goldsmith... Read more

Keeping your pets safe and happy this festive season

3rd December 2021

♫ It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ♫ However for many pets, the festive season can inadvertently become the most woeful time of the year. Whilst we start getting into the festive spirit it can be easy to forget about all the potential hazards that come with the festive season. With that in mind, here are a few... Read more

Cat and dog playing in the snow

Caring for pets during the winter

15th November 2021

  Winter is soon approaching and with it comes a whole set of seasonal challenges for keeping our cats and dogs safe. To help, Petpals has put together this guide on keeping pets safe, happy and healthy. Be careful of antifreeze Antifreeze is toxic for cats and dogs, it actually has a sweet scent that may entice a cat or... Read more

Five top tips for caring for your pet this Bonfire Night

3rd November 2021

Five top tips for caring for your pet this Bonfire Night It goes without saying that the autumn months are some of the busiest for British families – with Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and the social occasions leading up to Christmas. But as we all wrap up warm and enjoy a mug of mulled wine or hot chocolate, spare a... Read more

Autumn celebrations can be a scary time for your pets

20th October 2021

Be Extra Vigilant this Season Halloween and fireworks night are almost upon us and the cold, wet weather is just around the corner, so now is the time to make sure your pets are safe and well this season. Autumn can be a hazardous and distressing time for your beloved pets and trying to keep them safe and calm is... Read more

Kevin Thackrah to feature in Elite Franchise Magazine.

2nd July 2021

Petpals Director, Kevin Thackrah to feature in a new monthly column in Elite Franchise Magazine. Full to the brim with news and features for franchisors and franchisees alike, Elite Franchise is the definitive platform for the franchising sector.  So we’re extremely delighted that Kevin has been given the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with you through this highly... Read more

An Exciting New Look!

14th June 2021

Petpals turned 20 this year so what better way to celebrate than with a fresh new look! We’re very proud – and excited! – to share our brand-new look with you. Over the next few months, you’ll start to see our new van livery and smart uniforms with the same friendly faces at your local Petpals. Still the same amazing... Read more

Signs your Cats are getting Older

10th March 2021

Stiff joints, aching limbs, crows feet, old age comes to us all but how do we know what to look out for when our beloved feline friends start to enter old age and what can we do to help them? As cats age they sometimes suffer something called feline Cognitive Dysfunction. It can affect memory, ability to learn, awareness of... Read more

Valentine’s Day Safety Tips for your Pets

1st February 2021

As Valentine’s Day draws near and we are all booking flower deliveries and buying boxes of chocolates for our loved ones, let’s not forget about our furry loved ones as lots of these Valentine’s treats can prove hazardous to them. Please see the top 5 hazardous treats to avoid: 1. FLOWERS While not all are toxic to pets it’s not... Read more

Christmas Foods that are Dangerous for your Pets

30th November 2020

Did you know that many of the products we bring into our homes, especially for Christmas, are highly poisonous for cats and dogs?  Please be vigilant this Christmas, to avoid an unnecessary trip to the vets, or worse. Highly Poisonous for your pets Christmas is a time when many of our homes are stocked with our favourite festive foods and... Read more

A letter from the Mayor of Darlington to David and SallyAnn Gray

Petpals Franchise Receives letter of thanks from Mayor!

25th November 2020

  David and SallyAnn Gray, owners of Petpals Darlington have received a letter from the Mayor of Darlington, congratulating them on reaching the finals of the Pet Industry Federation awards and for their ongoing work caring for dogs in the local Darlington community.                                  ... Read more

Pet care during lockdown#2 – Petpals are still open!

17th November 2020 These are just some of the pets we have looked after over the past few weeks! Business as usual at Petpals To update you, very little has changed for our 50+ Petpals business owners since the new lockdown was announced. They are still out there, seven days a week, in all weathers, caring for your pets and particularly caring... Read more

Keeping pets safe and calm during fireworks

The Petpals Guide to keeping your pets safe and calm during fireworks season

2nd November 2020

Bonfire night is nearly upon us and that can mean misery for pets and owners alike as they try to keep them calm amid hours of pops, bangs and whizzes. So what can you do to keep your pets calm during fireworks season? Below is a list of practical steps and you can also try playing soothing classical music to... Read more

Getting your pets ready for when the clocks go back

22nd October 2020

We know how difficult it can sometimes be for us humans to adjust to the changing of the clocks and darker nights, so let’s help our pets adapt with a few simple actions. Adjusting your pets routine By adjusting your pets routine gradually over a period of days, you could even start a week before the clocks change, should help... Read more

Caring for your pets this Autumn

6th October 2020

Halloween, fireworks and cold, wet weather are all drawing in so it’s time to make sure your pet is safe and well this season. From conkers, acorns and antifreeze to bonfires and fireworks, this can be a hazardous and distressing time for your beloved pets and trying to keep them safe and calm is a must during this season. Autumn... Read more

Petpals cleaning out a van

Petpals, caring for your pets in the ‘New Normal’ COVID-safe way

30th September 2020

  So here we are in late September 2020 and COVID is still here, which none of us ever imagined it would be. So that’s the bad news. The GOOD NEWS is that Petpals businesses across the country are now extremely experienced at caring for your pets in a COVID-safe and secure way and we’d like to share some of... Read more

Dog looking sad by door

Helping dogs with separation anxiety post COVID

18th September 2020

  If you are a dog owner, who is planning to return full time to the office soon, then we’d urge you to start thinking about what you are going to do with your dog when you return to work. If you got your dog as a puppy during lockdown you should treat it really quite seriously, as your dog... Read more

Phil & Bev Haydon owners of Petpals Chelmsford, Maldon and Danbury

Franchisees praise Petpals Head Office for ‘Pawfect’ support during Coronavirus Pandemic

11th September 2020

  Image: Phil & Bev Haydon owners of Petpals Chelmsford, Maldon and Danbury which they run with help from manager Sue Bush Coronavirus During the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic of March 2020 Phil and Bev, along with the 50+ other Petpals franchisees, received regular help and support from the head office team. Phil said, ‘The support we received from... Read more

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