Ray and Sandra Hipwell receive Best Start Up at the 2018 national Petpals conference

Record-breaking franchisee says ‘Huu-Ray’ for Petpals!

7th February 2018

https://www.petpals.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Petpals-Chislehurst-6-months-in.mp4 A Petpals franchisee with only seven months trading under his belt has recently been awarded ‘Best Start Up’ in a special award at our annual conference. Ray Hipwell, who runs Petpals Chislehurst with wife Sandra, has smashed all previous records, beating 20 other established franchises’ results in just a few short months. Ray and Sandra Hipwell receive Best Start... Read more

How NOT to transport a dog!

Driving with dogs in your car – the law

19th December 2017

  Look around any park or popular dog-walking area today and it is likely that the majority of them will have broken the law within the last 30 mins and will do it again within the next hour as they return home, but how?                       Driving without due care and... Read more

Sarah Richardson with three dogs

Petpals franchisee in successful resale to employees

14th December 2017

  Sarah Richardson owner of Petpals Stockport for the last fourteen years, recently sold her franchise to two former employees. Sarah (55), bought her Petpals franchise following a long-term, management role with a mail-order company. She left when fluctuating markets found her having to make people redundant on a regular basis, which made her rethink what she really wanted out... Read more

Petpals Bournemouth has been rated as one of the 'Three Best Rated' Dog Walkers in Bournemouth

Petpals Bournemouth named as Top Dog Walker after less than two years in business!

8th November 2017

We are thrilled to reveal that Petpals Bournemouth and Poole, owned by husband and wife team Angie Tienkamp and Tony Palmer, have been named as one of the ‘Top 3 Dog Walkers in Bournemouth’ by consumer services website ‘Three Best Rated®’. Top 3 Dog Walker in Bournemouth Three Best Rated®’ allows people to find the top 3 local businesses, professionals,... Read more

A curious cat

Guide to cats: The Inquisitive Cat

2nd November 2017

  By their very nature, cats like to explore, hide in nooks and crannies or tap things to see if there is some reaction so like the favourite saying, ‘look before you leap’ this natural curiosity is not without risk hence the well-known proverb ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Kittens and young cats are exceedingly curious and inquisitive. They will be... Read more

Is your dog SAD?

Is your dog SAD? (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

16th October 2017

  As we come into winter, many across the UK will be bracing themselves for the effects of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). For some it is mild condition sometimes called the ‘winter blues’ for others it can be quite debilitating and need professional treatment. A little known fact is that dogs can also suffer from this seasonal disorder. SAD in... Read more

Buying a puppy

Guide to buying a Puppy

18th September 2017

  So you want to get a puppy……..Great! but before you do anything you need to answer these three questions honestly. If you answer ‘No’ to any of them, then now is not the right time for you to own a dog (but you could consider a different kind of pet). Do you have time for a puppy? Can you offer... Read more

Petpals surprise employee on 10 yr anniversary

Darlington woman celebrates 10yrs as dog walker for Petpals!

18th August 2017

L-R: Natasha Banks, Emma Craggs, Debby Bee, Lynn Stevens, Rachael Pattinson, Sandra Dye (flowers), Vicky Cumming, Noreen Beadle, Sallyann Gray (flowers), Diane Beadle and Andy Harrington Petpals Darlington and Yarm has recently surprised a loyal member of staff, Sandra Dye (54) who this week celebrates her 10 year work anniversary. Dog Walker Sandra, who joined the fledgling company in its... Read more

A hunting we will go - Petpals

Guide to cats – Hunting

10th July 2017

  Cats are true carnivores, live on a diet consisting mainly of protein and are perfectly designed for hunting, for example they have: Wide peripheral vision Excellent night vision – at the expense of their ability to see colours well Acute hearing and ears that can be moved independently Keen sense of smell and touch Skeleton designed for speed and... Read more

Taking your dog abroad

‘Taking my dogs abroad’ (and why I’ll never do it again!)

23rd June 2017

  I have two dogs, Pepper and Tallulah, who have just come back from their first trip abroad, touring northern Europe in a motorhome with my 25yr old daughter and I. We drove over 1,000 miles, saw three countries in 7 days and, for the most part, had a great time. Sadly though, I can honestly say it will be... Read more

Keep your Petpal cool this summer

Top Tips for keeping your dog cool in summer

20th June 2017

As the temperatures start to soar in the UK it’s a good idea to prepare yourself, your home and your dogs for the coming hot weather. All it takes is a little extra thought and you and your dog can enjoy the summer together. Which dogs are particularly affected by the heat? Any dog which has breathing difficulties, be this... Read more

Raymond Hipwell owner of Petpals Chislehurst

New Petpals launches in Chislehurst, Kent

26th May 2017

  Pets in Chislehurst, Kent can look forward to some first class care today, as we bring you news of the launch of Petpals Chislehurst! Pet care services Father of two Ray Hipwell (57), has left behind a life delivering driver training to the London Fire Brigade, to start up his new Petpals business offering a full range of pet care services to people... Read more

Petpals franchisees

Why did you buy your Petpals business? Our franchisees reveal all!

17th May 2017

  Did you know that Petpals is the UK’s largest full-service, bfa member, pet care franchise? We recently surveyed our 50+ franchisees to define what led them to purchase their pet care franchise. ‘Love of animals’ Unsurprisingly one of the main reasons given was a love of animals, with some stating that working with animals had been a ‘life-long dream’. ‘I know... Read more

Guide Dogs receive donation

Petpals donates £100 to Guide Dogs Charity

3rd May 2017

  Franchisee Alex Mees, owner of Petpals Basingstoke, recently made a donation of £100 to her local Guide Dogs team. Alex, who purchased her Petpals franchise in December 2016, met Lee Thresher, community fundraising development officer for Hampshire and the Channel Islands in the beautiful Basing Wood, one of the many locations she walks her customer’s dogs, on a daily, weekly or ad... Read more

Jo from Petpals Salisbury

Kind things people say about Petpals!

10th April 2017

As one of the largest pet care companies in the UK, with over 50 Petpals businesses looking after pets from Aberdeen in Scotland to Bournemouth in Hampshire, we walk thousands of dogs every month. Here’s a lovely testimonial from one of our satisfied customers, whose dog Pippin is walked by Jo at Petpals Salisbury. Petpals is a franchise organisation, if you would... Read more

Scent Marking in cats

Guide to Cats: Scent Marking

30th March 2017

  Have you ever watched your cat as it walks around the garden (or inside the house), rubbing itself over various objects and wondered what is going on? In the previous article, we talked about territories and this activity of scent marking is part of that. Scent glands There are scent glands concentrated on the top of a cat’s head, lips... Read more

Win this basket of Easter chocolate

Win this hamper of Chocolate for Easter!

20th March 2017

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR ENTRIES. THE WINNER HAS BEEN NOTIFIED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE NOTIFIED OF MORE PETPALS COMPETITIONS, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER HERE   Being one of the largest pet care companies in the UK we must stress that chocolate is poisonous for dogs so please make sure it... Read more

Dog biscuits

Homemade Dog Biscuits!

1st March 2017

If you’ve never tried them before, these homemade dog biscuits are really easy to make (fun for the kids to help make too) and, what’s more, you’ll know exactly what’s gone in them. We found the recipe on the Guide Dogs for the Blind website, so all thanks to them for sharing it. There’s a link to their page at the bottom of... Read more

Read our guide on territories and ranges for cats

Guide to cats – territories and ranges

10th February 2017

What are territories and ranges? Basically, a cat’s territory is the area which it will defend (from other cats); the range will be larger and is the total area it inhabits or requires to feed itself in the case of a feral cat. Male cats have larger ranges than females. How large is a cat’s range? Studies have shown that... Read more

Petpals franchisees at conference

Top franchisees recognised at Petpals’ conference

2nd February 2017

  At the beginning of January Petpals held their annual franchise conference, not the stuffy, presentation-filled affair you might imagine, but a weekend at a rather lovely hotel with friends and colleagues, old and new. Franchisees Yes, we had the all-important talk from our MD, Kevin Thackrah, about how the network is doing, we’ve got over 50 franchisees so there’s... Read more

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