Jo from Petpals Salisbury

Kind things people say about Petpals!

10th April 2017

As one of the largest pet care companies in the UK, with over 50 Petpals businesses looking after pets from Aberdeen in Scotland to Bournemouth in Hampshire, we walk thousands of dogs every month. Here’s a lovely testimonial from one of our satisfied customers, whose dog Pippin is walked by Jo at Petpals Salisbury. Petpals is a franchise organisation, if you would... Read more

Scent Marking in cats

Guide to Cats: Scent Marking

30th March 2017

  Have you ever watched your cat as it walks around the garden (or inside the house), rubbing itself over various objects and wondered what is going on? In the previous article, we talked about territories and this activity of scent marking is part of that. Scent glands There are scent glands concentrated on the top of a cat’s head, lips... Read more

Win this basket of Easter chocolate

Win this hamper of Chocolate for Easter!

20th March 2017

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR ENTRIES. THE WINNER HAS BEEN NOTIFIED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE NOTIFIED OF MORE PETPALS COMPETITIONS, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER HERE Name(required) Email(required) I would like to receive the Petpals newsletter(required) Thank you so much for visiting our website, to enter our competition to WIN this wonderful... Read more

Dog biscuits

Homemade Dog Biscuits!

1st March 2017

If you’ve never tried them before, these homemade dog biscuits are really easy to make (fun for the kids to help make too) and, what’s more, you’ll know exactly what’s gone in them. We found the recipe on the Guide Dogs for the Blind website, so all thanks to them for sharing it. There’s a link to their page at the bottom of... Read more

Read our guide on territories and ranges for cats

Guide to cats – territories and ranges

10th February 2017

What are territories and ranges? Basically, a cat’s territory is the area which it will defend (from other cats); the range will be larger and is the total area it inhabits or requires to feed itself in the case of a feral cat. Male cats have larger ranges than females. How large is a cat’s range? Studies have shown that... Read more

Petpals franchisees at conference

Top franchisees recognised at Petpals’ conference

2nd February 2017

  At the beginning of January Petpals held their annual franchise conference, not the stuffy, presentation-filled affair you might imagine, but a weekend at a rather lovely hotel with friends and colleagues, old and new. Franchisees Yes, we had the all-important talk from our MD, Kevin Thackrah, about how the network is doing, we’ve got over 50 franchisees so there’s... Read more

Beware these Christmas poisons for your dog

Beware these highly poisonous foods for your pet this Christmas!

13th December 2016

Pepper the pug says ‘Don’t let me eat these this Christmas!’   Did you know that many of the products you bring into your home, especially for Christmas, are highly poisonous for cats and dogs?  Many people don’t, so we’re warning all pet owners to be vigilant this Christmas, to avoid an unnecessary trip to the vets, or worse. Christmas... Read more

Alex Mees, owner of Petpals Basingstoke, takes a dog for a walk

New Petpals launches in Basingstoke

25th November 2016

We are delighted to announce that we have a brand new Petpals launching in Basingstoke.  Alex Mees is the owner of Petpals Baskingstoke and will be offering regular and occasional dog walking, puppy and elderly dog care/letting out service, cat visits, rabbit and small pet visits, pet tax/transportation and pet services to owners across Basingstoke, Chineham, Sherfield park, Sherfield on... Read more

Trek for Tom's Trust

Help Petpals raise money for children’s charity in Cambridgeshire!

9th November 2016

  Our very own fantastic Foursome of Pippa, Neil, Emma and Jodie from Petpals in Saffron Walden have organised a fun doggy walk to raise funds for Tom’s Trust, a charity dedicated to providing the Clinical Psychology provision for children with brain tumours, within complete rehabilitation services. On the 20th November 2016 the Awesome Foursome will be walking the 16.5... Read more

Fireworks season

A guide to keeping pets safe and calm during fireworks season

1st November 2016

  Fireworks night is nearly upon us and, unless you live in the middle of nowhere without a neighbour in site, chances are you and your pets are going to hear lots of pops, bangs and whizzes over the next few days, so we’ve put together a list of things owners can do to keep their pets safe and calm... Read more

A Petpals client having a fabulous, if slightly wet, walk!

How to choose the right dog walking company for you and your dog

31st October 2016

  Following on from the recent article about choosing the right dog boarding company, here at Petpals, we’ve put together some advice to help you choose the right dog walking company for both you and most importantly, your dog! Obviously, as one of the largest dog walking companies in the UK who look after approximately hundreds of dogs a day... Read more

Les Wall provides a handy vantage post for this Botswanan Meercat

From Berkshire spaniels to African meerkats – Petpals visits Botswana!

17th October 2016

  Ruth and Les Wall, owners of Petpals Crowthorne and Bracknell have recently returned from a once in a lifetime trip to the Kalahari desert. The Kalahari Desert is a large semi-arid sandy savanna in southern Africa extending 350,000 sq miles, covering much of Botswana, parts of Namibia  and regions of South Africa. Over to Ruth to recount the story... Read more

Grump Cat

Guide to cats – Introducing a new cat into your home

7th October 2016

Before deciding to get another cat, do bear in mind that it could be you that wants the extra company rather than your cat. Most cats are solitary creatures and whilst many will tolerate another cat in the house, some will positively hate it and introducing another into an established home really can upset the apple cart leading to aggression,... Read more


Petpals’ Emma says ‘Balls’ to cancer with charity head shave!

27th September 2016

Pic: Emma and Nigel, owners of Petpals York When Emma Read, owner of Petpals York found out in May 2016 that her partner Nigel had testicular cancer it was, as one can imagine, a huge shock. The pair were in the middle of a move from Selby to York and with one thing and another Nigel never quite got around... Read more

Emma Jane LaRoche gives advice about coping with the loss of a pet

Coping with the loss of a pet

15th September 2016

‘I should pull myself together, he was just a cat/dog’ they say, whilst catching themselves for the umpteenth time that day, walking towards the door to let him out or call him in from the garden…only to remember….he or she isn’t there anymore. His bed is empty, her food bowl lies unused and their toys un-played with. Dealing with the... Read more