Purchase a new franchise

Petpals is the first UK fully turnkey bespoke professional pet care franchise. Its uniquely designed, fun and tested service allows pet owning customers to leave their cherished pets in the hands of fully trained and qualified Petpals franchise owners.

The demand for this type of specialised pet care service is far greater than the supply of trained and qualified operators and this gap widens every year as the country’s kennels and catteries struggle to keep up with the number of new pets. Also there is a growing trend with pet lovers to move away from the kennels and catteries and look for a service which combines at home pet care with the added advantage of additional home security. These needs are fully satisfied by Petpals who allow the pets to stay in their own safe and secure environment, with familiar sights and smells or with trained and experienced carers in their own homes.

Hear what our Chislehurst franchisee thinks!

What services does a Petpals franchise offer?

A Petpals franchise owner has tried and tested income streams generated by the following services:

  • At home pet visits
  • Dog walking
  • Home sitting
  • Home boarding
  • Pet to vet
  • Pet taxi

What is the process to apply for a franchise?


First we must learn more about you. As the rights to operate under the Petpals brand are for a considerable term, it is vitally important that both parties are confident in the other’s ability and commitment to making the business grow and prosper. A franchise relationship is a very special partnership.

Please contact us for a detailed information pack, which is designed to give you an insight into our Petpals Pawprint for Business Success, a Confidential Application form, this will give us a clear indication of your substance and ability to meet the investment parameters as well as give us an insight into your background before we first meet, a Confidentiality Agreement and Discover Day booking form.

Discover Day

After we have received and reviewed the above forms we will contact you to answer any initial questions you may have and then arrange for you to spend a day with an existing Petpals Franchise near you. During your Discover Day you will see Petpals operating in a variety of different situations and you may even talk to our customers about the Petpals experience!

Area assessment, Business Plan & Franchise Agreement

We work together to draw up a business plan based on your personal finances and carry out a demographic and market assessment of your area.

  • Area Assessment
  • Business Plan
  • Franchise Agreement

Decision & Secure Area

We work together to decide whether we are right for you and you are right for us.

  • 2-way decision based on application process, Discover Day, Business Plan and returned references.
  • Reserve your area with a £2500 + VAT deposit.

Operations Planning Day

Your Operations Planning Day at Andover is the start of the detailed planning process that leads to:

  • Pre launch marketing campaign
  • Operational set up
  • Initial training
  • Launch training and launch support

Setting up your franchise

After the initial meetings and disclosures, should we decide to proceed, a Franchise Agreement will be drawn up. A training course will be provided for the key personnel who will be operating the business in your territory. Copies of all manuals (Operational and Technical) and materials necessary for the running of your business will be provided. Franchisees will be required to operate at least one vehicle in the local market and make the necessary provisions for back up personnel to cover days off and holidays.