by Samantha Webster on Mansfield

I am so sad that Sonya is unable to take our dog Luna for her walks anymore. I was disgusted to hear that Petpals staff are being abused for taking dogs for a walk. They provide an invaluable service at any time but this is needed now more than ever to support us and many people like my husband who is a key worker and still needs to go work and cannot work from home. I do hope that they will soon be able to reinstate the service they deliver and continue to support those in key roles during this difficult time.

by Anita Barker on Mansfield

Mike, Sonia and Emma so sad you cannot look after Bruce at the moment. He is so happy when he is with you and the team whether it’s for a two hour walk or a 1 week stay. Let’s hope you can be up and running soon as you all very special true animal lovers. We will be your first customers back when you are ready. Anita

by Emma & Andy on Mansfield

We’ve used Mansfield Petpals for around 13 years. We contacted Mike a while ago and he helped us to our dog, whom we loved so much! We’ve continued to use Mike, because of his passion for animals, his sheer dedication, honesty and friendship. I’ve lost count the amount of recommendations we’ve given, but I’d never stop. A truly wonderful, committed service. Thanks guys.

by Anonymous on Mansfield

I am really sore that Sonya can no longer take my basset hound exercising for me. She has been fantastic while I’m unable to walk her due to mobility problems.I am sure there are many more like me who also depend on the service including key workers that I know. I can understand the issues caused by vivid 19 and actually the walkers help the situation as they take a number of dogs out at a time to open area. Without her help all of us who depend other will be going into the streets close by This is more likely to cause a problem.Also very importantly this is also about their livelihood.Thank you SonyaBarbara and Betty xxx

by Erica Miller on Mansfield

Mike, Sonia and the team are amazing. We've been using them for the past 7 years and can't recommend them highly enough. Our Jack Russell and Whippet get so excited when they are being collected for their walks. We can relax in total confidence knowing our fur babies are in safe hands. I have and would recommend Petpals Mansfield.

by Deirdre Williams on Norwich

I am so happy that my dog Waldo is being so well looked after by Mark and lucy of Norwich petpals when I am at work. I am a key worker in the NHS and would not manage without them. They also offer me flexibility when my work demands it, like in the current COVID-19 crisis.

by Carly & Dave on Cardiff, Wales

We’ve been using Petpals for over 3 years now! And we couldn’t ask for more! Dave walks Reggie twice a week for us and it’s Reggie’s favourite time of the week! He gets so excited when Dave comes to collect him. Dave and Maxine are fantastic! We have never had any issues, they are always flexible and we totally trust them with Reggie! I couldn’t recommend them both enough! Thank you for being so great over the years! Carly & Dave!

by Fay Mellin on Amber Valley, Derbyshire

Harley is 9 years old now and has been homeboarding and going for walks with Fiona, Dave and Chester since he was a puppy.It gives us great peace of mind to know that he is safe and so well cared for by such a knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating team. A few years ago, they went above and beyond their usual role by collecting and looking after Harley when I was hospitalised at short notice. For that kind act, I will be eternally grateful!Perhaps the best recommendation is from Harley himself. When he realises he is visiting Petpals he excitedly drags us towards the house or in the case of a walk he races to the van without even a glance behind to say”bye mum and dad”.So now, all that’s left to say is our heartfelt thanks to Petpals Amber Valley for their exemplary service over the years.

by Sarah Nathan on Cardiff, Wales

I have known Maxine for over 8 years. She is fantastic with all of our animals and they love being cared for by her.Maxine is really kind and warm hearted and when we have needed help she is one of the people who has always been there.We trust her implicitly and we would recommend her to anyone.

by Paul Tacey on Crewe & Nantwich

Emma, Barrie, Neil and the team did an amazing job in looking after our Border Terrier Lucy for 8 years until we lost her in early 2020. The team are very reliable and unlike our previous dog walker, Pet Pals always took Lucy for the agreed amount of time and never left us short changed. Lucy used to get excited as soon as Pet Pals came to the door and even towards the end, when she was frail, having a walk from Barrie was the highlight of her day. Thank You Pet Pals!

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