Chelmsford East & Danbury

Chelmsford East & Danbury

Trusted pet care providers. The alternative to boarding kennels and catteries in the East Chelmsford and Danbury area.

Areas of coverage includes:

East Chelmsford & Danbury, Chelmer Village, Galleywood, Great Baddow, Springfield, Sandon, Bicknacre and surrounding areas.

About Petpals Chelmsford East & Danbury

Petpals Chelmsford, Maldon & Danbury was launched in 2004 and in 2007 Ellie and her husband Peter, who were existing clients of Petpals, took the business over. Ellie has since moved on and is concentrating on her studies at a local University. Phil Haydon and his team now manage Petpals East Chelmsford and Danbury while Peter manages another Petpals franchise covering the Maldon area.
Phil has been with Petpals since 2013 and has great experience with a variety of pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds & guinea pigs. He and his wife Bev, are proud owners of 6 dogs of their own and she also works for another Petpals Franchise nearby.  Phil has recently been made a patron of the AA Dog Rescue that rehomes abandoned and unwanted dogs.

We have a small dedicated team of mature carers and can offer a fully personalised and professional alternative to kennels, catteries and calling on family and friends to help out yet again.


We offer competitive rates for solo dog walks and also discounts if you use us 3 or more times per week. If you own more than 1 dog we will of course walk them together.
We will not take your dog out in a group of other dogs that your dog has not met before with only one person in control of them, as we do not think this is safe. Anything can happen with a group of dogs and if it does, one person cannot possibly look after them all safely. We believe that your dog deserves a quality service with a dedicated carer.
Please email or call us for further information on our prices.

Why Choose Petpals?

  • We understand the importance of a flexible and dependable service.
  • We have been in business for over 10 years. We are tried and trusted.
  • You can make bookings with us 7 days a week
  • You can change visits at short notice
  • We do not charge cancellation fees
  • We assign a mature, experienced carer to your pet, but always ensure that you have met at least two of our dedicated team so we will never let you down or leave you in the lurch


Petpals Chelmsford East & Danbury services:

Discover the full range of pet care services that Petpals Chelmsford East & Danbury offer

Training & Experience

Phil Haydon has completed training in the following:

  • Pet Handling and Restraint
  • Behaviour, Intelligence and Socialisation
  • First Aid
  • Care of Older Pets
  • Pet Sanitation

Contact Phil Haydon
Telephone: 01245 380705
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Your pets are 100% safe, this franchisee has been:

  • Criminal Records Checked
  • Insured
  • ID Badged