UK Vets Issue Warnings of Gastroenteritis Bug Attacking Dogs

23rd January 2020

Vets across the country are raising concerns to pet owners over a harmful bug found in some dogs across the UK. This virus, Haemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) is being detected in healthy dogs with no word of warning, your pooch could look perfectly normal one day and extremely unwell the next. Instant treatment is highly recommended as this bug can result in severe vomiting & diarrhoea that contains blood, loss of appetite and fatigue. Most vets are still unsure what the direct cause of this infection is, but it’s said by specialists that it could be a form of bacteria that attacks the gut lining.

Fortunately most dogs will make a complete recovery from HGE in a matter of days with the correct treatment from your vet.

The importance of this warning was made clearer recently as there have been numerous reports from clinics around the UK stating an increase in HGE found in dogs.

Further information can be found by clicking the links below and always contact your vet immediately should you have any concerns about your own dog.



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