Petpals talks to The Mirror to provide ‘Ultimate holiday checklist’ for your dogs

8th June 2022

Petpals director Kevin Thackrah speaks to The Mirror to provide dog owners with the ultimate holiday checklist. 🏖✅

From food essentials to water bowls, towels and medical details, Kevin covers it all – plus the simple things you may easily forget.

“A holiday with your dog can be a thrilling experience, but it can cause a major headache for the whole family if your pet isn’t ready. If your dog isn’t comfortable with basic commands such as sit, or name recall, and gets anxious in busy areas you could end up regretting taking them on holiday. As an owner, you should be putting your pet first in all holiday decisions and sometimes giving your dog a holiday of their own with a qualified pet-care specialist may be a better and less stressful solution,” says Kevin Thackrah.

At Petpals, we can offer home-boarding options and other pet-care solutions that might work better for you – simply click here to find your local branch.

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