Meet Petpals next Top Models!

8th November 2019


Firstly a huge THANK YOU from all of us at Petpals for joining in this fun competition to find some new Top Models for our autumn digital media campaign. We had over 130 entries from all over the UK and we loved looking at them all. The truth is, we are going to try to use ALL your pets in future campaigns so really they are all superstars but, to remain true to the competition we are now in a position to reveal the winners.

Winner of ‘Outdoor Pet’ category is…Henrietta!


Congratulations Henrietta and we look forward to seeing more of your cheeky face as we advertise our ‘Outdoor Pet’ care services.

Winner of ‘Indoor Pet’ category is…Elvis!

What a wonderful life Elvis has going to the allotment with Ian in the summer. That’s one lucky Guinea Pig and we’re delighted to crown him our Next ‘Indoor Pet’ Top Model. We look after ALL indoor pets including rabbits, mice, snakes, fish, birds etc.

Winner of ‘Feline’ category is…Toby!

We hope you agree that Toby is a stunning example of a cat. His coat looks so soft that we literally wanted to reach out and stroke him. He’s obviously quite a character too, sneaking his pink flamingo into his owners’ bed at night! Congratulations Toby, you’re going to make a fine Petpals Top Model, advertising our cat visits service.

And finally…

Winner of ‘Canine’ category is… (also)…Toby!

What a cheeky looking chap Toby is. We felt he captured a truly wonderful pet. He looks fun, friendly, inquisitive and sociable and being a Border Collie crossed with a Minature Poodle, a very unusual mix. We love the fact that he steals his Dad’s place in bed at night and doesn’t like it when his Nan tells him off for getting on the bed when she babysits. What a character! We are looking forward to featuring Toby in some adverts for our dog walking and boarding services very soon.

A HUGE thank you to you all for sending in photos of your pets. As we’ve said before, we’re actually going to try to use them all so don’t be surprised if you see them popping up on a Petpals post in the future.

Finally, did you know that you could run your very own Petpals? Although we have 50+ operating throughout the UK we still have a few territories left – if you are a true animal lover and would like to own and run your own business caring for pets, then click here to find out more about owning your own Petpals franchise and taking advantage of our new ‘Easy Start Scheme.’


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