Pet care during lockdown#2 – Petpals are still open!

17th November 2020

These are just some of the pets we have looked after over the past few weeks!

Business as usual at Petpals

To update you, very little has changed for our 50+ Petpals business owners since the new lockdown was announced. They are still out there, seven days a week, in all weathers, caring for your pets and particularly caring for the pets of key workers who we need to keep our country going. Thanks to you all for the sterling service you do, don’t worry, your pets are safe with us.

Covid-safe working practices

Following advice from DEFRA we adopted strict Covid-safe working practices earlier in the year and have maintained them ever since. You can read all about the steps we take in our previous blog here, with added pictures of Jo from Petpals Salisbury to demonstrate.

Can my dogwalker still walk my dog?    

This is a question we are often asked, and the answer is yes. We have full permission from DEFRA to walk dogs, particularly, as we’ve said, those of key workers, those who are self isolating or even those who have Covid-19 but still need their pets cared for. The country cannot grind to a halt and the service we provide in caring for the nation’s pets is important and the Government agree it must continue. Read here the letter from DEFRA in April, giving us permission to walk dogs.

Separation anxiety in pets following lockdown

We continue to work with pets up and down the country who are suffering from separation anxiety as a result of the pandemic. Some pets respond well to changes in household arrangements, others, not so well. From having their owners with them 24/7 to returning to work, to coming home again just a week ago, it is just too much for some of them and they can suffer real stress as a result. Read our blog on what you can do to minimise anxiety for your pet. We’ve included links to expert sites who will give you some ‘try at home’ solutions.

Planning-ahead – booking your pet care for 2021

The news of the new vaccine, whilst early days, is a potentially life-changing announcement for us all and with any luck by mid next year life will return to normal. We expect to see an increase in bookings for Easter and Summer holidays as more news of the vaccine is released. We would urge you to get your bookings in with your regular Petpals now, so you can be first out the door when restrictions are lifted, knowing your pet is being safely cared for by our experienced and loving teams.

All that remains is to wish you all a safe Lockdown and please contact your local Petpals if you have any need of help with your pets over the next few weeks.

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