Maxine Gets Muddy for animal charity!

4th September 2018

Maxine Neal, Petpals Cardiff North cropped

Maxine Neal, who owns Petpals Cardiff North, recently took part in the ‘Muddy Dog Challenge’ in Coedarhydyglyn Park, Cardiff to raise funds for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. As you can see they both had lots of fun and we’re delighted to bring you Maxine’s mud-filled report on the day.


My day out at the Muddy Dog Challenge – in aid of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home – August 2018

‘Well what a fantastic day I had; I loved it start to finish… still finding mud everywhere!

Supporting pet charities

‘I try to donate annually to different pet charities; last year I supported ‘Wonky Towers’ by making home-made, dog biscuits, selling them to clients and donating the proceeds.

The Muddy Dog Challenge

‘This year I saw the Battersea Dogs & Cat’s Home ‘Muddy Dog Challenge’ (a 5k dog mud run) come up on Facebook and thought straight away, ‘Ooooh I’d love to do that’. I’ve done mud runs for charity before but without a dog.

I think this ‘Maxine and Mud’ thing must be left over from my childhood; my mum always says if I wasn’t eating it I was playing in it, usually in a pretty dress. Sorry Mum! All this muddy madness took place at Coedarhydyglyn Park in Cardiff which is part of the old Cardiff natural burial meadow.

First, choose your dog!

I had a few clients’ dogs that I thought might enjoy the run, but really there was never any doubt n my mind that the best dog for the job would be Fudgeyboy, a Working Cocker Spaniel that you can simply never wear out.

I asked his owner Michelle if I could take him on the run and luckily for me, she immediately said ‘yes’ and seemed really delighted he could be part of it. She agreed with me that he would be a fabulous muddy dog runner. She even came to cheer me on as did my partner Dave who works for Petpals as a dog walker.

About Fudge – The Muddy Wonder Dog!

Fudge is just a delight, full of energy and chosen because I know he loves a bit of mud. Because I walk Fudge so regularly I knew he wouldn’t be phased by it and would in fact think it was just a normal walk. The only difference would be that this time we would be attached to each other via a ‘PetNinja’ harness, which is essentially a long bungee lead.

Fudge and I have a fabulous bond, I walk and board him regularly, so know and love the boy very much. He’s been on my books for three year and I’ve known him since he was a pup, so we go back a long way. I knew he’d be a great choice for this mud run and sure enough he did me proud.

At first he was a bit reluctant at some of the water obstacles (so was I to be fair!) but as soon as I got in he jumped in after me and really enjoyed the swim once he was in. He helped pull me up a fee hills too, thank you Fudge!

And the grand total is….

When I initially launched my ‘Just Giving’ page I set myself the target of raising £100. So I was amazed, delighted and thrilled that, due to some very generous clients, who I am so very lucky to have, I raised £270.00 + £38.75 Gift Aid. If you would like to top that up and help me reach £350, I would be hugely grateful and you can donate online here:

Muddy Reflections

I had the most brilliant time doing this run; I’d like to thank Michelle for coming along and of course for lending me Fudge, the best mud-running dog in the world. Dave my partner for supporting me and taking all the photos and videos and everyone who has (and maybe still will!) make a donation to me in support of the Battersea Dogs and Cat’s home. Thank you, so much to you all.


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