Is it time for a change of career?

16th May 2020

So Boris has said if you can’t work from home it’s time to go back to work, but what if you’ve realised in the last 8 weeks that you don’t want to go back to your old job? What if the very thought of it fills you with dread and you wish you could stay working from home forever? Well we’ve got good news for you, you can.

Petpals pet care franchise

Petpals is a franchise organisation, which means we help people just like you, to run their very own pet care businesses from home. We provide you with all the training, support and information you need to set up and run the business – you provide the enthusiasm, drive and determination to make it work.

Not only have we been doing this since 2001 and have over 50 franchisees across the UK, we are also members of the British Franchising Association ( which means we have met and fully endorse their standards for ethical, sustainable franchising.

Petpals franchisee success stories

Our franchisees come from ALL walks of life, teachers, police officers, social workers and office administrators (to name but a few) and while they may not share a profession, they do share one very important thing, they too wanted to regain control of their lives at one time, to work for themselves and to live happier, less stressed lives, working with pets on a daily basis. Does that sound like you?

Let’s introduce you to one of our franchisees, Alex;

Alex (47) spent many years working in the care sector in a managerial role. As the mother of a young son she wanted to spend more time with him and less time climbing the corporate ladder. She looked around at the options available and, having done her research, purchased her Petpals franchise in November 2016. A prerequisite to buying a Petpals franchise is that you absolutely love animals and Alex certainly ticked that box. She grew up with a menagerie of animals and now owns Jeanie and Moko the cats and two tanks full of tropical fish. Her business consists mainly of walking dogs, visiting cats and boarding small caged animals but she also cares for geckos, snakes, sheep and chickens!

Alex says,

‘One of my goals when I started the business was to be able to offer a premium service to my customers and, here we are nearly four years later and I think I can safely say I do that. I have a large list of regular clients, some of whom I have looked after since day one of opening the business. I still enjoy being out in the van all day but, because I run my own diary, it means I am still free to pick up my son from school and help him with his homework in the afternoon. I am so glad I bought my Petpals franchise; the support I get from head office and the rest of the network is fantastic, I could never have achieved such success on my own.

Change of career?

So if the thought of returning to your old job is giving you sleepless nights, why not download our prospectus to find out more about buying and running your own Petpals business? Using our new EasyStart scheme, you can be up and running in no time.

We’ll conduct all initial contact via phone, email or zoom but as soon as possible we’ll invite you to spend a day with an existing franchisee near you, so you can get a first-hand view of the life of a Petpals franchisee.

#StaySafe and we look forward to hearing from you soon x