Caring for your pets this Autumn

6th October 2020

Halloween, fireworks and cold, wet weather are all drawing in so it’s time to make sure your pet is safe and well this season.

From conkers, acorns and antifreeze to bonfires and fireworks, this can be a hazardous and distressing time for your beloved pets and trying to keep them safe and calm is a must during this season.

Autumn hazards to be aware of when caring for your pet

Be extra vigilant when walking your dog and keep an eye out for conkers and acorns, they are extremely toxic to dogs and should be treated immediately if eaten.

Along with the above, antifreeze is also highly toxic to your pets.  So when topping up your car with antifreeze, don’t forget to mop up any spillages.

What can you do to keep your pets calm during fireworks season?

If fireworks have already started (as they have in many areas) try playing soothing classical music to keep your pets calm this fireworks season.  Click here for Classic FM’s pet sounds too keep them relaxed and happy.

Here are a few more suggestions for keeping your pets safe during fireworks season.


Keep your cat indoors after dark and provide a litter tray if he/she is used to going outdoors however, be aware that shutting a cat indoors, when it normally comes and goes as it pleases, will be stressful in itself, particularly in multi-cat households.  Frightened cats like somewhere safe to hide, so ensure that they get under a bed, on top of a wardrobe or in a cardboard box etc.


Make sure you are back from your walk before it gets dark and the bangs start. If necessary when letting the dog out later take it out on a lead into your garden so you can get it straight back in if it appears too scared.
Make a den for your dog to hide in if they want to e.g. a travel cage covered with a heavy blanket or rug. Set this up a few weeks before necessary to get them used to it and follow your usual routine, curtains drawn, music and TV on.

Rabbits/Guinea pigs

If possible bring them inside, into the garage or the house.  Consider draping a duvet/blanket over the cage during the worst of the bangs, to muffle the noise. Make sure there is still plenty of air getting in.

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