Caring for pets during the winter

15th November 2021

Cat and dog playing in the snow


Winter is soon approaching and with it comes a whole set of seasonal challenges for keeping our cats and dogs safe. To help, Petpals has put together this guide on keeping pets safe, happy and healthy.

Be careful of antifreeze

Antifreeze is toxic for cats and dogs, it actually has a sweet scent that may entice a cat or dog to try and taste it. As the temperature drops and cars freeze, try to remember to keep antifreeze products locked away. Alternatively, you could use other methods to get your car defrosted in the morning.

Check your car for cats

Cars make great shelter and warm places for cats to hide under during the bitter cold months. They have even been known to hide in the wheel arches or somehow make their way under the bonnets. It really does help to be mindful of this and try to remember to always check around your car before starting it.

Keep your pets active

Some cats and dogs, especially those on the older side, may not fancy going outside as much as usual. If this is the case for your pet then try to keep them active indoors. A good way to do this can be the use of indoor toys that are designed to pique your pet’s interest and keep them moving.

Paw care

There’s a lot of salt/chemicals used to grit roads and pavements during the cold season that can irritate your pets’ paws. Be sure to regularly wash and dry their paws when they come back into the house.

Winter walk safety

Of course, there is far less daylight during the winter but it is still important to take your dog out for a walk as much as possible. During the winter take them for shorter walks but a few more times a day than normal. Make sure they are highly-visible with a fluorescent jacket or harness and connect a light to their collar. Keep an eye out for ice at all times as your dog could slip and injure themselves. If you’re out walking near any frozen lakes or rivers then it can be wise to keep your dog on the lead. Such nature spots can be of keen interest to a dog and you never know how thick the ice will be should your dog decide to put any weight on it.

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