Award judges think Petpals’ Sharren is the cat’s whiskers

21st July 2022

Cat and dog owners in the Sefton area of Liverpool will not be unduly surprised that Petpals owner Sharren Redmond has won a major industry award.

Her devotion to duty and determination to support NHS workers throughout the pandemic has earned her the Great British Franchisee Award from

It’s the most prestigious award in the sector and puts Sharren among the elite of the franchising world.

“This is an area with a high proportion of medical professionals and teachers, so instead of shutting down due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, I continued to support my clients throughout,” says Sharren.

“We took pets in for NHS staff which allowed them to continue the important work they were doing and make their fantastic contribution towards our society.

“For me it was vital to support my community during an unprecedented time, and by offering my services I knew I could contribute in a small way.”

Sharren, who spent more than 20 years implementing vital cybersecurity and digital forensic software for the police before joining Petpals, also increased her turnover by 87% in 2021.

“I employ 10 people, I have a fleet of vans outside of my house, and it’s amazing to have built something so significant,” she says.

“In 2021, we went on 3,676 dog walks and visited cats 626 times in the Sefton area.”

Sharren Redmond with her 6 year old Cocker Spaniel, Bichon cross Lucy.

Her efforts are appreciated by those on two legs, too, including Kevin Thackrah, Director of Petpals.

“Sharren has made a massive impact on the entire Petpals network,” he says. “She’s had an undeniable influence on the standard of pet-care in the area.

“Her charity work in the community, as well as her support for the NHS during the immense difficulties of the pandemic, highlights the profound impact she’s made as a franchisee.”

Petpals would like to offer Sharren a huge congratulations on achieving this major industry award which recognises excellence in franchisees.

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