Autumn celebrations can be a scary time for your pets

20th October 2021

Be Extra Vigilant this Season

Halloween and fireworks night are almost upon us and the cold, wet weather is just around the corner, so now is the time to make sure your pets are safe and well this season.

Autumn can be a hazardous and distressing time for your beloved pets and trying to keep them safe and calm is a must during this season.  Be extra vigilant when walking your dog and keep an eye out for conkers and acorns, they are extremely toxic to dogs and should be treated immediately if eaten. Not forgetting all of the tasty Halloween treats and chocolates which are also extremely toxic to your dog if eaten, keep them out of reach from snuffling noses!

No doubt we will all be topping up our cars with antifreeze as the weather turns colder but don’t forget to mop up any spillages as this is also highly toxic to both cats and dogs.

What can you do to keep your pets calm during fireworks season?

Bangs, whizzes and pops are lots of fun for us but can frighten and distress our beloved pets.  Try playing soothing classical music to keep them calm, a wide choice can be found on youtube or click on the link below for calming pet sounds on Classic FM.

Here are a few more suggestions for keeping your pets safe and happy during fireworks season.


Try keeping your cat indoors after dark, provide a litter tray and make sure they aren’t left alone.  Cats like somewhere safe to hide so ensure they can get under a bed or pop a few cardboard boxes with blankets around the house that they can snuggle into.  Ensure your cats are microchipped and up to date details, so that if they do run away they can be identified when found.


Walk your dog whilst it’s still light before the fireworks and bonfires are lit.  Make a den for your dog to hide in, cover a travel crate with a rug and pop their favourite toys inside.  Make sure their microchips are up to date so should the worst happen, your pet can be returned to you as soon as possible.  Keep your curtains drawn, music/TV on, follow your usual routine and make sure your dog isn’t left alone.

Rabbits/Guinea pigs

If possible bring them inside, into the garage or the house and consider draping a duvet/blanket over the cage during the worst of the bangs, to muffle the noise. Ensure there is still plenty of air getting in.

If you have any concerns or issues, contact your vet for advice.

For more information on how to keep your pets calm and safe, click on the links below:



Visiting friends and family over the festive period, don’t forget to book your pet care!
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