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26th June 2018

Jo Davies Petpals Salisbury


  • Name:   Jo Davies
  • Name of Territory: Salisbury Wiltshire
  • Areas you work in: Salisbury, Wilton, Amesbury, Tisbury and villages in-between
  • Date territory purchased: January 2009
  • Your job before you bought your Petpals franchise: Manager for a pensions company

The day begins

I start my day by feeding and checking on all the boarders I have; I only board small pets like guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and rabbits. This takes me over an hour with my own as well.

Off on my rounds

Then I check I have all the keys I need for visits that day and I’m off in my van to the first cat feed. I try to work the visits out logistically, to save double backing on myself. I cover all the local villages so usually head out to them first. I might have cats, chickens or even ferrets to check on. Sometimes even a snake…!

Then I start collecting the dogs in the van for the first walk of the day which is around 1030 am. At Petpals Salisbury we do group walks so the dogs have a great time seeing their buddies every day. Once the first group has been walked it’s back home for them all and then I start collecting the lunchtime group, followed by an early afternoon one then finally a late pm walk.

Sometimes we might have puppy visits / elderly dog to visit at home too.

Cat visits

After the dogs have all been walked, it’s back to the cats and more home visits. It’s nice to have time to sit with the cats after a tiring day.

Bed time for everyone

Back home I feed and clean out all the small furries and of course feed my own cat and rabbits too. Sometimes I might go out late in the evening to put people’s chickens to bed or to let a dog out for a wee break if the owners are out late.

I love the fact that each day is so varied with lots of different lovely animals to care for, it’s the best job ever!

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