How to choose the right dog boarding company for you and your dog

24th August 2016

As dog lovers, we all know how much we love our dogs. In the last 30 years dogs have moved from sleeping in the shed, to the porch to the kitchen to, let’s be honest, our bedrooms and are every bit as important to us as our friends and family, so it is only natural that the thought of leaving... Read more

Petpals Grantham, 24 Vernon Avenue, Grantham L-R, Wendy Turner (Propr) with Brum 24 June 2016

Petpals helps to keep Grantham@Work

10th August 2016

Image: Petpals Grantham, L-R, Wendy Turner (Propr) with Brum, 24 June 2016   Owner of Petpals Grantham, Wendy Turner, recently had her photo taken by local photographer Adrian Harvey, as part of his Grantham@Work project. Adrian photographs local people, going about their daily working lives in Grantham, with some taken standing outside their shops, displaying their wares, in a style... Read more

Jo Davies Petpals Salisbury

Petpals Salisbury organises fun dog show!

29th July 2016

  Jo Davies, owner of Petpals Salisbury is running and sponsoring a Dog Show at her local country fair next month. She and husband Leon, who owns Black Hole Storage and Removals, are joint sponsors of the fun event at the Wessex Country Fair on Sunday 7th August 2016 from 10-5pm at Wilton House Estate by the kind permission of the Earl of... Read more

Petpals franchisee wins sidecar racing trophy!

11th July 2016

Keen sidecar racer, Alfreton-based Dave Wallis, owner of Petpals Amber Valley, has recently won The Robin Daykin Memorial Trophy at the Oliver’s Mount, road races in Scarborough, in his fully branded ‘Team Petpals’ LCR Suzuki. The Trophy is named in honour of Robin Daykin, a popular character on the sidecar racing scene for many years, who sadly died of cancer... Read more

Guide To Cats – Body Language

7th July 2016

If a cat fluffs up its tail and arches its back it is probably being defensive or aggressive and may be making threatening sounds – a sort of combination of a meow and a growl, but to really understand what is happening look at the eyes and ears. Ears lying down flat are defensive; the pupils will be wide open.... Read more

Case study: Kerry Don, Petpals Chingford and Epping Forest

20th May 2016

Name: Kerry Don Age: 34 Region: Chingford and Epping Forest Number of clients: Over 90 Before buying her Petpals franchise, Kerry worked for nine years as an accountant in the city of London. After being made redundant she decided she’d had enough of long commutes and 12 hour days, so started to look around at other options, hoping to find... Read more

Labrador wins Petpals survey

6th May 2016

Recently we asked our 50+ franchisees, who own and operate their Petpals businesses, ‘Which breed of dog do you look after the most?’ On average, a Petpals franchisee will have up to 150 dogs they walk or board on a regular basis and our survey discovered that the trusty Labrador Retriever was the ‘most cared for’ dog across our network,... Read more

Compulsory Microchipping from 6 April 2016 – A Guide

23rd February 2016

Compulsory Microchipping from 6 April 2016 – Dog owners/dog breeders.. are you aware of the new legislation? Jean Wilson is the owner of Petpals Richmond and North Allerton. She has owned and cared for dogs all her life and is passionate about encouraging responsible breeding practices. This article takes factual information from the Kennel Club website. Jean says, ‘I am... Read more

Guide to Cats – Common Behaviour Problems

12th February 2016

Part 1: Common Behaviour Problems Rule No. 1 – Scolding a cat is counter-productive. It is a sign of aggression and weakens the bond between cat and owner making any problems worse rather than better. Confinement Stress This can be a problem for indoor cats in a multi-cat household (cats behave towards their owner as if they were a member... Read more

Petpals franchisees tell it like it is!

22nd January 2016

Last Saturday Petpals business owners met in Daventry, Northamptonshire, to attend the company’s annual conference. The conference gave franchisees a chance to hear how the group is performing from Managing Director Kevin Thackrah, to hear about latest plans including a new website, video and cloud-based accounting system and to attend training sessions relating directly to the running of their businesses.... Read more

Lost Cat – What to do if your cat goes missing

6th January 2016

If your cat hasn’t come home, don’t panic. Cats will often go ‘missing’ only to arrive home later that evening.  Male cats are more likely to roam than females, particularly if they haven’t been neutered. Below is a comprehensive list of ALL the steps you can take to find your own cat, starting with the most basic and working up... Read more

Poisonous holiday foods that are harmful to your pets

16th December 2015

Did you know that many (in fact most) Christmas foods can be highly poisonous to dogs? Mince pies, Christmas cakes, nuts, grapes and chocolate can all prove fatal, so we’ve pulled together a list of food to keep away from your dog this Christmas. Chocolate Currants/Sultanas Grapes Xmas pudding/cake Mince pies Holly Mistletoe Poinsettia Alcohol Cream Nuts Blue Cheese Onions... Read more

Petpals Chingford & Epping Forest celebrate first year!

7th December 2015

A CHINGFORD-based supermum, who estimates she has been on over 80 dog walks and has fed 50 pets over the past year, is celebrating the first anniversary of her business. Petpals Chingford and Epping Forest was opened by Kerry Donn, 34, two weeks after the birth of her son, Jack. She looks after pets of all shapes and sizes across... Read more

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