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Petpals York, Yorkshire - Pet Care Services

Trusted pet care providers in the York, Yorkshire area. Uniformed, trained, experienced, DBS checked & insured

Areas of coverage includes:

Copmanthorpe, Bishopthorpe, South Bank, Clementhorpe, Acomb, Knapton, Holgate, Dringthorpe/Middlethorpe, Dringhouses, Foxwood, Woodthorpe, Acomb Park, Fulford & Heslington. Please ask for coverage of any other areas as we will go further for some services.

  • Dog Walking

    Our dog walking service provides fantastic exercise for your dog, in the best dog walking places around the City. It’s more than just exercise though – it’s mental stimulation and socialisation, in the company of other friendly and like-minded dogs – which benefits most dogs tremendously. It also results in a tired and happy dog, calm when you come home from work and not demanding that you immediately take him or her out for another walk. Our team are all really experienced dog handlers, who understand the individual needs of individual dogs, and whose aim in life is to give your dog the best possible Petpals experience. We are completely confident that you and your dog will love our service.

    If you’re not sure whether your dog will enjoy the company of other dogs, talk to us. We can work with you to introduce your dog to others in a way which is stress free and safe. For those dogs who are sure they only like their own company, we also offer a one to one walking service. Let us know if you want to talk to us about this.

    Have a look at our testimonials page to read what other customers have said about us.

  • Express Dog Walking Service/Elderly Dog Visits

    Our express dog walk/visit allows your dog to stretch their legs and have a comfort break.

    It allows your dog to either have a short walk in the local area or to be let out into the garden, as required.  We can also do a quick clean-up for your elderly dog should it be necessary.

    This ensures that your dog is happy, and comfortable and helps them settle until you return home.  We can also feed your dog should you need us to.

    Please note that there is limited availability for this service.  If you would like to know more about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Puppy Care

    Before your puppy is old enough to venture out on walks, we can provide a visit service for feeding, playing and toilet breaks in your garden.

  • Cat Sitting/Visits

    Cats and other small pets often prefer to stay at home whilst you’re away, and we can offer the care they need. Rather than use catteries or other boarding facilities, which can be stressful for pets, we can visit them in their own home to feed, keep litter trays clean, give medication – whatever they need. Before you go away we will come to see you, so that you can tell us exactly what your pets need. You can then go away secure in the knowledge that your pets will be well cared for and happy. We are experienced in the care of all small pets including birds and exotics.

  • Small Pet Care

    We offer small pet sitting visits, usually around 15/20 minutes once or twice a day catering for all manner of animals, including rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and tortoises. All kinds of birds and exotics too.
    We will feed them give them fresh water, clean hutches and caging as per their usual regime. If they are sociable and like cuddles, we will try to interact with them.
    Before you go away, we will come to see you, so that you can tell exactly what your pets need. You can then go away secure in the knowledge that your pets will be well cared for and happy.
    We also offer complimentary services such as taking your post in, opening and closing of curtains and putting bins out or taking them back in, thus helping to ensure the security of your home whilst you are away. We can also water your plants too!
    If you would like to discuss in further detail or proceed with an assessment appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • House Sitting

    We may be able to offer a home sitting service depending on our availability and length of stay required. This service is ideal for elderly pets, or multi-pet households, ensuring that the pets stay happy and comfortable in familiar surroundings of their own home.

    The fully vetted and first aid trained carer will stay in your home, overnight and part of the day, never leaving longer than you would be comfortable with and ensure that your pets routines adhered to for exercise, toileting, feeding and watering, plus hygiene matters. This service is also ideal security deterrent and we also offer other complimentary services such as taking the post in, watering of plants and taking the bins in or out. Before you go away we will come to see you and meet your pets and give you the opportunity to tell us exactly what your pets needs are. You can then go away secure in the knowledge that your pets and home will be well cared of.  If you would like to discuss in further detail or request our availability, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your pets are 100% safe, this franchisee is:

  • Criminal Records

  • Insured

  • ID Badged

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