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Crosby, Blundellsands, Brighton Le Sands, Waterloo, Litherland, Little Crosby, Bootle, Seaforth, Thornton, Lunt, Sefton and Ince Blundell.

Dog Walking

For your dog a walk is so much more than just exercise.   Dogs are naturally pack animals and love to socialise and play with other dogs.  Petpals (Sefton) offer a 40 minute group walk where your dog will have the opportunity to walk off lead with other dogs giving them ample time to play, socialise, investigate new places and burn off some energy!  Socialisation with other dogs is extremely important and running with a group of other dogs can increase a dog’s confidence, help them learn and help them to relax afterwards – plus it is much more fun!   It’s great to see our regular dogs meeting up with their friends and having a game of chase or tug of war.

Our experienced dog walkers take up to 4 dogs and walk in safe, remote locations or large open fields – we regularly use  Sniggery Wood, Rimrose Valley, NAC playing fields, Liverpool Ramblers and Silcox playing field to name a few.  We rarely walk in highly populated areas such as Crosby beach, Crosby lakeside or local dog parks to ensure we don’t come into contact with cyclists, joggers and other dog walkers.  We always take plenty of ropes and balls to keep the dogs active and engaged.  Your dog will be collected from your home and transported in our professionally crated van.  We offer multiple walks throughout the day which allows us to use our expertise to place your dog on a walk with other dogs we feel they will interact well with – whether they like a mad chase or a quiet ramble.  Even the quieter, shy dogs who usually walk close to their owner’s side very quickly find a walking buddy, giving them the confidence to explore new environments which they may have been afraid to do before.  This makes walks much more stimulating and enriching for them and means they return home happy and tired.

Not sure whether your dog is socialised?   Give us a call to discuss how we can work with you to introduce your dog into the programme.

Concerned about your dog being off lead or having bad recall?  This is a common worry and most of the time we find that a new dog will be so excited about walking with doggy friends that they happily follow the group.  We also have 10 metre leads we can use until we are sure your dog will stay with the group.

Worried your dog may cause problems?  We walk dogs who react to different things, whether they have a tendency to chase bicycles or jump up at people.   Prior to booking your dog on a walk we will always conduct an assessment visit to get to know your dog.   We try as much as possible to walk in remote locations where we seldom meet other walkers, cyclists etc.   Our experienced walkers are also very good at spotting potential hazards and ensuring the dogs are under control or are able to take a different route.  Often a dog behaves completely differently when walking in a group without their owners so most of the time do not display the same behaviour.

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