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Lightwater, Sunningdale, Bagshot, Camberley, Windlesham, Heatherside, The Maultway (Wellington Park), Deepcut, Lyne, Bisley, Brookwood, Worplesdon, West End, East end of Camberley (Old Dean towards Bagshot).

Recent News

An elderly dog

Dementia in Dogs

Is your dog suffering from dementia? What are the signs of dementia in dogs? How do you care for a dog with dementia? All this and more answered in our...

Petpals Hendon and Hampstead

A Day In The Life Of – Petpals Hendon and Hampstead

What is it like to run a busy pet care company in the capital city? Petpals Hendon and Hampstead reveal all!

Jo Davies Petpals Salisbury

A Day In The Life Of – Petpals Salisbury

Meet Jo Davies owner of Petpals Salisbury. Jo left her job as a manager for a pensions company to start the business, with the help of the franchisor of course!...

Petpals franchise celebrates 14 years with current and former owners!

Petpals franchise celebrates 14 years with current and former owners!

Three owners, past and present, of Petpals Bracknell, gathered recently to celebrate the franchise's 14th birthday.

A cat

Guide to cats: What to do if you find a cat

You have found a cat, but is it feral or a stray? Our guide will help you look for those tell-tale signs that can help you distinguish a truly wild...

Ray and Sandra Hipwell receive Best Start Up at the 2018 national Petpals conference

Record-breaking franchisee says ‘Huu-Ray’ for Petpals!

Ray Hipwell, owner of Petpals Chislehurst has smashed performance targets to become crowned 'Best New Start Up' at our recent annual conference.

Driving with dogs in your car – the law

How much do you know about the law when it comes to transporting your dog in the car? Are you driving legally?

Sarah Richardson with three dogs

Petpals franchisee in successful resale to employees

A Petpals franchisee has successfully sold her business to two of her employees.

Petpals Bournemouth has been rated as one of the 'Three Best Rated' Dog Walkers in Bournemouth

Petpals Bournemouth named as Top Dog Walker after less than two years in business!

Angie Tienkamp, owner of Petpals Bournemouth has been named as one of the Top 3 Dog Walkers in Bournemouth only 20 months after buying her franchise!

Is your dog SAD?

Is your dog SAD? (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Is your dog eating more, sleeping more and generally 'out of sorts'? If so, he or she could be suffering from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Read our article on how...

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