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Trusted pet care providers in the Darlington and Yarm area. Uniformed, trained, experienced, DBS checked & insured

Areas of coverage includes:

The whole of Darlington through to Teesside including Yarm, and all villages in between including, Hurworth, Croft, Neasham, Middleton-St-George, Sadberge, Merrybent, Middleton-one-row, Great Stainton, Redmarshall, Bishopton, Carlton, Long Newton, Elton, Aislaby, Egglescliffe, Eaglescliffe and Kirk Levington, If your area or village is not covered in the list of areas above please contact us and we will do our best to help.

  • Dog Walking

    Dog walking – Petpals Style! – the ultimate fun experience for your dog(s)

    Petpals Darlington and Yarm provides a professional quality service using our experienced dog walking team led by Vicky who will ensure your dog receives a unique off lead adventure every time, (subject to consent). New places, new experiences, play, and ongoing training are all part of their adventure with Petpals.

    By making use of the many areas of natural beauty found locally in and around the local area, our dedicated team aim to give your dog a stimulating and enjoyable experience in a safe environment.

    Using our expertise, we will socialise your dog with other similar dogs and take them out for a unique adventure. This in turn means your dogs are also mentally stimulated, thus ensuring we return them home happy and tired.

    We care passionately about the safety of your dog so they are all transported in a modern fleet of vehicles equipped and fitted out to DEFRA standards. All of our vehicles have climate control, ventilation, bedding, individual purpose built crates with escape hatches in the event of an emergency.

    We charge for the whole experience not by the hour or half hour. So, if we decide to go to the beach or the forest for the day, it’s all inclusive and your dog will have an experience over a few hours.

    One of the most successful features of our service is our service flexibility, our service is designed around your requirements not ours, so if you need us 5 days a week or one day a month, or work shifts that’s all no problem. Unlike many other companies you only pay for what you use, even if you need to cancel on the day.

    Your dog receives a minimum ‘paws on the floor’ time of about 40 minutes (depending on weather) but may well have a social outing of up to 2 hours. Dogs are generally walked on a ratio of up to 4 dogs per walker.

    Not sure whether your dog is socialised? – Petpals may be able to help – contact us to discuss how we could work with you to introduce your dog into the programme. Still not sure- check out our testimonials page.

    Concerned about your dog being off lead? – Petpals can help – we have now integrated GPS Tracking devices into the business so if you believe your dog is a flight risk we will use one of our tracking devices to monitor the location of your dog whilst in our care.

  • Puppy

    Here at Petpals Darlington & Yarm we can offer advice and information before you select your puppy. Then we can offer help and support to ensure your new best friend fits right in to their new family environment.

    We can further help by offering puppy visits to walk, play, and if required help with ongoing training, toileting breaks etc along with, of course, lots of TLC.

    Once your puppy can go out into the big wide world we can start socialising them into the dog walking experience as detailed above so that your puppy gets the best opportunity to develop into a confident, sociable and happy dog.

  • Doggy Home Boarding

    So much more fun than kennels!!

    We offer a home doggy boarding service where your dog can stay in the home of one of our carefully selected and dedicated host families. As a responsible business owner Petpals Darlington & Yarm is licenced as a Home Boarding organisation with Darlington Borough Council, and we were proud to be awarded the maximum 5 star rating acknowledging the quality and professionalism of the service we provide. In addition the Petpals host families are also licensed or registered with Darlington Borough Council. Our Licence is displayed at the bottom of this section.

    Following a very detailed and rigorous assessment Petpals will match your dog to the host family best suited to provide a home from home environment. Our families will cater for your dogs’ usual routines and lifestyle.

    You will be given the opportunity to meet the host family before you go away and to see where your dog(s) will be staying, providing you with complete piece of mind – ensuring you can switch off, relax and enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge your dog(s)’s on holiday too!!.

    When your dog stays with a Petpals family they are treated as one of the family with all the usual sights, sounds and smells of family life, but best of all they will be given all the love, cuddles and attention they deserve.

  • Cat Sitting and Cat Visits

    Petpals provide the purrrrfect alternative to a cattery.

    It’s a fact that moving cats causes stress; which is why leaving a cat at home is the vets preferred method of care for when you need to go away. Besides, which cat wouldn’t choose all the comforts of home and regular contact from a Petpals carer.

    Our clients can go away safe in the knowledge that we are visiting their cats every day to feed, clean litter trays if required, play, and of course give lots of TLC.
    All of our carers attend regular training courses so we can cater for elderly or cats who require regular medication such as injected insulin.

    We also provide complimentary services to ensure your home is well looked after whilst you’re away, for example, opening & closing of curtains, post and newspaper collection, putting rubbish out and of course ensuring the house plants survive the holiday!!

  • Home Sitting

    Home Sitting is the traditional service where a fully vetted pet carer stays in your home while you are away so that your pets can remain in their own familiar surroundings, enjoying their own routines while you are away.

    The carer will sleep at your home and care for your home as well as your pets while you are away.

    This service is ideal for elderly pets or for a multi pet household.

  • Pet Sitting

    Our home based pet sitting service is a real alternative to kennels, your pets can remain in their own familiar surroundings, with their own routines and food while you are away.

  • Pet Taxi

    Petpals Darlington & Yarm regrets it is no longer able to offer a pet taxi service.

    If there is a service you require that is not listed above, or you have any special requirements, please contact us and we will do our best to help

  • Exotics

    Our Exotics service is a great choice for your exotic animals to stay with one of our experienced pet carers at their home.Exotics may include: Reptiles such as lizards, snakes, iguanas, chameleons, tortoise and terrapins. Birds such as parrots, budgies, cockatiels and parakeets. Tropical fish, tarantulas and other tropical insects.

    Our pet care providers will conduct an assessment of your exotic animal to understand its usual routines, habits and requirements to ensure a healthy, happy stay at their home.

  • Equine & Small Holdings

    Our Equine and Small Holdings service is the perfect choice for when you need  experienced, professional care for your stabled or paddocked animals whilst you are away.
    Equine and Small Holding animals may include: Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, Alpacas, Llamas, Goats, Sheep, Cows, Chickens, and many other farm yard animals.
    Our pet care providers will conduct an assessment of your animals to understand their usual routines, habits and requirements to ensure they are happy and healthy throughout their period of care.
    From feeding and grooming, to cleaning of stables or administering medication, we can offer a tailored service for you and your animals.

  • Small Animal Home Boarding

    Our small animal home boarding service is a great choice for your small furries to stay with one of our dedicated pet carers at their home.

    Small pets may include: hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, ferrets, rats, mice, chinchillas and much more!

    Our pet care providers will conduct an assessment of your small animal to understand its usual routines, habits and requirements to ensure a healthy, happy stay at their home.

  • Wedding Dog Chaperone Service

    Our wedding dog chaperone service is a bespoke service designed around you and your big day.
    Our pet care professionals can look after your furry friend on your wedding day whilst you enjoy your ceremony.
    We can chaperone your dog as either a guest, bridesmaid, best man, flower girl or ringer bearer and have them groomed and prepared with any attire required.
    Our pet carers will conduct a full assessment of your dog before your wedding day to understand their usual routines, habits and requirements to ensure they are happy and healthy throughout their period of care.
    Additionally you can opt to use our overnight dog home boarding service and have your pooch returned to you the next day.

Your pets are 100% safe, this franchisee is:

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