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Jaspers Advice – New Puppy Getting All The Cuddles

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 |

Dear Jasper,

I wonder whether you can help me? My owners have just purchased another pup (a smaller but less cute version of my beautiful Labradoodle self.) The pup seems to get loads of cuddles and I get sent to my bed if I try to muscle in. If I ignore him they say I’m jealous, if I play with him they say I’m too rough. Me rough? He’s the one chewing my ears and nipping my tail! If he yelps I get told off, if I yelp they all laugh and call me a wuss.

What can I do? Should I advertise in the classified section for a new owner or what?

Lorimer the Labradoodle

Dear Lorimer,

A new puppy eh?

Wow that’s hard. On the one hand they are cute little bundles of play. And on the other they are nothing but irritating, pooping and weeing ankle biters.

Don’t go looking for a new owner just yet. Here are a few tips. When puppy is getting cuddles, resist the urge to go barging in, instead walk up close to your owners, walk in a circle then flop down in front of them with a great big sigh. Look up at them with big eyes and that should get you an invite into the love fest.
However if that doesn’t work and little Rover is still getting all the attention then it’s time to play dirty.

Next time you have a drink, take a big mouthful of water but don’t swallow it. When they are not looking spit it out somewhere they are going to walk and watch them blame the pup for one of his little accidents.

Then when they are out, chew up the free paper and scatter it in the pups bed, better still if you can get him to join in, but as soon as you hear the key in the lock, dash to the other side of the room, leaving pup amongst the paper. Yawn and stretch when they enter as if they have just woken you up. Frowning critically at the pup with a slight shake of your head cements this ruse. You should be back to being top dog in no time. Warning, if pup is in a crate, this trick WILL NOT work!

Good luck.

Love from Jasper x

Ps. Also please remember that new puppies can turn into best friends if you let them.

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